What My Kids Have Been Wearing

sweater: crazy 8 (similar $10), shirt: hand-me-down (similar $12), pants: gap (same),
shoes: thrift (similar $35)

We recently got Mini Man some tap shoes and he loves to watch old movies and try to dance a long with them. He can play shy sometimes but this kid loves to put on a show. 

pin: hand-me-down, sweater: thrift, shirt: hand-me-down (similar $37),
pants: gap, (similar $26), shoes: gap (similar $13)

The other the day during dinner, the conversation turned to the spiritual side and Big Buddy started explaining to Mini Man and Little Lady: "that God will always be with us if we ask him in to our heart." Little Lady's face all the sudden looked worried and she then patted her chest and said "but I want him to come out, I don't want him in my tummy?"

sweater: gap (same), shirt: thrift (similar $21), pant: gift (similar $12),
 batman shoes: gift (similar $36)

Six is a weird age. In someways Big Buddy still seems so little and in other ways he seems so grown-up. I wish there was a pause button to life sometimes. 

vest: thrift, shirt: thrift (similar $18), pants: gap (same), shoes: gift (similar $36)

shirt: hand-me-down (similar $12), sweater: hand-me-down (similar $39),
pants: gap (same), shoes: hand-me-down (similar $29)

dress: hand-me-down (similar $23 or similar $185), pants: old navy (same),
shoes: gap (similar $13)

These boys are the best-of-buds. Each night after we tuck them in, we hear them telling each other stories and giggling for several minutes. Mini Man idolize Big Buddy and tries his hardest to be just like him and will also do almost anything to get older brother to laugh. 

When Little Lady talks about her brothers she calls them "my boys" - it melts my heart. 

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