Hello Again and Small Graces

The last several weeks have been busy ones. Jeremy was gone for long weekend for a student competition and then when he returned it was his school's finals week. The last day of class, Jeremy decided to cut of his hair and beard. His ponytails were now longer than 10 inches so he could donate them to Locks for Love. 

It's been fun watching people react to him. Without his beard and hair he does look quite different, lucky for him, I find him irresistible either way. 

We are DIY painting our house this summer so Jeremy asked three of his students to stay a week after school let out to help him scrap. 

this is the 1st day of scrapping, after which, all the boys (including Jeremy) were instructed to wear masks and
wash throughly.

Since our house is old, built in 1907, and we didn't want to expose the kids to any lead chips, therefore,  kids and I headed out of town for the week. We went to see my sister-in-law in South Bend.  She has two kids of her own and my children delight in doting on their younger cousins.

While we were their the weather was gorgeous so we were able to take a trip to a beach on Lake Michigan. 

They also have a pretty amazing yard. So this kids enjoyed plenty of outdoor fun: a late Easter Egg hunt, a few mud pits, a bonfire, etc. 

Mini Man is huge fan of bonfires...and burnt marshmallows. 

While there, Maca,  also treated Little Lady and I to a pedicure. Little Lady was on cloud nine!

When we returned from our trip, we discovered that not only did the boys knockout scrapping but also got around to priming. 

A few of the students stayed so Jeremy and I go on a date night to see Nickel Creek. Our very first date (though we didn't call it that) was to a Nickel Creek concert, so they hold a very special place in our heart.  Their new album, A Dotted Line, is sensational and definitely worth checking out. 

After the concert Jeremy dropped me off at a local hotel for our church's spring women's retreat. It was very restful way to spend mother's day weekend. Watching our husband and kids pull up to church after two days of rest and fellowship made the holiday even sweeter. 

It's such a privilege to be called "Mommy/Mama" but these funny, kindhearted, and smart kiddos.  

a handmade mother's day gift from jeremy - that boy is a keeper! It says 2012 because
he hopes to make 2014, etc, when he gets around to taking more photos. 

This post is part of weekly series inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

these are the small graces,
little moments when the miracles come...
small graces leading me to the larger one...

sometimes they slip by without notice
sometimes they are very hard to see
other times it's very clear when they are happening to me

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