What I've Been Wearing

I picked up this jacket, at almost 75% off, at Anthropologie. It was a whim and one I was afraid I'd regret. However, during this cool spring it's been a blessing and I've found myself reaching for it over and over again. 

jacket: anthropologie (similar $70), top: gift/diy (similar $77),
pants: ann taylor loft  (similar $70), shoes: payless (similar $37)

This dress is from eShakti. I feel like I've raved about them numerous times here; I love the unique style of there clothes and I am continually amazed by the quality. 

sweater: thrift (similar $32), dress worn as a skirt: c/o eshakti (similar $70 or similar $50),
necklace: target (similar $19, similar $50similar $19), boots: target (similar $50)

This sweater was another Anthropologie clearance find, but I was immediately certain that it was a piece I'd get a ton of use out of. The sleeves and back are a fine knit blend which makes it almost feel like a sweatshirt, the front is a silky blend. It's perfect for laid back days when I don't necessarily want to get dressed, but still desire to wear something pretty. It also provides the perfect amount coverage for those warm but windy spring days. 

I should probably throw these purple flats out. They are almost five-years-old and have absolutely no cushion left.  They, however, have such sentimental value - I wore them though-out Italy four years ago and now can't bear to part with them. I don't normally consider myself I packrat but when it comes to shoes and all the places I have walked in them - I just can't seem to say goodbye.  It's an odd, and somewhat stinky thing, to be attached too. 

sweater: anthropologie, (similar $90), necklace: target (similar $19, similar $50similar $19),
jeans: hand-me-downs (same), shoes: dsw (same, but not in purple)

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  1. I love that last outfit! So effortlessly chic and put together, and I like the necklace especially.

  2. Love that sweet little blouse with the ruffle trim!

    1. Thanks! My mother-in-law made it for me. She's a talented lady to have on hand :)


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