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A few worthwhile things I've stumbled upon while wandering the internet....

  • Father's day is still a couple weeks away, but these pictures and quotes from new dads in the hospital made me smile....and just for fun, here are two of my favorite photos of Jeremy. They were taken right after the birth of our first child. 

so grateful that he's the person i get to parent with

  • Jeremy and I frequently talk about the current shift in parenting culture and if the hyper-vigilant-super-safe parenting trend is really what is best for kids. It's hard when the internet and television bombard you with so many tragic circumstances, but we try to be a bit more free range.   This article by a mom who faced criminal charges for leaving her son  alone in the car  was interesting. We've both done it a few times when running errands (on non-hot days) and honestly, we'd probably do it more if we weren't afraid some well meaning person would be alarmed. A favorite quote from the article. 
"I never leave my kids in a car now when I run into a store, and so I know nothing bad will ever happen to them in a non-moving vehicle. I suppose every little peace of mind helps. Still, I worry. I worry that when my husband and I decide our kids are old enough to walk alone to school, be that in two years or in five, some good samaritan will disapprove and call the police. I worry what the other parents will think if I hang back on the bench while my kids are playing at the park, reading a book instead of hovering over them. I worry that if I let my son play in the alley with the other kids and don’t follow him down because there are already eight responsible adults standing around, I’ll be thought of as the slacker mom who’s not pulling her own. And so I accompany when I probably don’t need to. I supervise and hover and interfere. And at least half of the other parents are probably doing it for exactly the same reason. This is America and parenting is now a competitive sport, just like everything else.
What do we get if we win? A kid who will never be hurt of frightened or alone? The promise and assurance of safety? I’m not that naive."

  • Earlier this week, Jeremy shared this graduation commencement speech, 10 Life Lesson For A Navy Seal, with me. I was having to apologize to him for losing my cool earlier in the day, I was trying to get some tasks done and was frustrated by the mess surrounding me, he joked with me that I needed to get over being a 'sugar cookie'. It's one of the best commencement speeches I've heard, definitely worth listening too.  

  • Jeremy's signed up to teach a architectural class in Europe next summer and we are hoping the boys and I can join him for a couple weeks. This guide to world etiquette was fascinating and might come in handy. 

  • Another one of  my favorite online shops, Thred-up (they sell high quality used clothing) is also offering Joyfully Weary readers a sale through June, enter BEACH25 to save 25% off your 1st order. 

*PS. If you live in my area please check out this website about the Elgin Math and Science Charter School. They are hoping to open in the fall of 2015 are are currently looking for local support - it's always best to have choice in your child's education!


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Preschool Syllabus: Dr. Seuss

Normally I'd do a Dr. Seuss unit in March around his birthday. We had to do one now though because on Saturday Big Buddy and I going on a date to a Dr. Seuss exhibit. The exhibit is only at the museum until January and I'm afraid if we don't go now we might not get the chance.

We are of course reading lots of Dr. Seuss's books. A great advatage to studying Dr. Seuss in November rather than March is that all his books were available at the library. I also found a great children's biography which is perfect for preschoolers.

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My supplies: large white paint chips, various colors of paint chips, sharpie, scissors, and an x-acto knife
 Step 1: Because my colored paint chips were so wide I folded and cut them in half.

Step 2: In the center of the white paint-chip, use the x-acto knife to cut two openings, at the top and bottom of the white square, the width of the color strip. 

Step 3: Use the sharpie to write letters on paint chips (a list of word families can be found here
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We started a new homeschool unit this week: farms. With all our harvest activities it seemed like a natural choice.  This last weekend we attended a neighboring town's scarecrow festival and we plan to go to a pumpkin farm with a barnyard petting zoo in the next couple weeks. We will focus on this unit for the rest of October.

During our rug times the boys and I will be singing a lot of farm related songs (Counting Coconuts has complied a great list) and make our way through the mass of books I checked out from the library.  I won't overwhelm you with a picture of them all but I will recommend a couple. For fiction Click Clack Moo: Cows That Typeby Doreen Cronin and Gossie by Olivier Dunrea.  Both of these books have a nice rhythm, great pictures, and sweet humor. We actually own them and several others by these authors - they are some of the most read books in our collection.  For nonfiction, 21st Century Junior Library, has published several great farm-themed books.

Writing …