Pipe Cleaner Fireworks

Happy Independence Day! Our family is super pumped for all the festivities.  The kids are particularly excited about the fireworks! We've been googling videos on how exactly fireworks works and decided to craft some of our own.

Supplies: pipe cleaners, scissors, construction paper, tempera paint, spoons, & glitter.

Step 1: cut pipe cleaners in half

Step 2: fold cut pipe cleaners in half again and twists to secure. 

Step 3: separate ends of pipe cleaners so they fan out. 

 Step 4: mix glitter and paint together.

Step 5: dip pipe cleaners into paint and stamp 'fireworks' on to the paper.

*Rocking the pipe cleaners back and forth will make sure each stem leaves it's mark, or you can go the route of Big Buddy and just press.

As we were twisting our pipe cleaners for painting I noticed how pretty the looked bythemselves and decided to make Little Lady some firework barrettes. 

Supplies: pipe cleaners, scissors,  barrette clips, hot glue. 

Step 1: as shown above, fold and bend the pipe cleaners. This time, however, cut the pipe cleaners in to fourths instead of halves. 

Step 2: put a small amount of hot glue on to the barrette and secure pipe cleaner firework. I've discovered that keeping a piece of plastic in between the clips of the barrette prevents them from being glued together. 

Little Lady is quite pleased with them and has been sporting them all week.

I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating!

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