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  • Jeremy and I always have trouble picking a movie for family movie night, thus, I was delighted to find this list of 55 essential movies children must see. However, I advise using it with discretion. After reading this list we decided to watch The Muppet Movie and I still don't get the hype - it was a horrible movie and now my children keep saying "wacka, wacka".  
  • Are divorce rates exaggerated, this author seems to think so. I wonder if more 'hope' would make a difference. 
  • This Frozen parody has been all over my Facebook feed so you may have seen it; but if not, you have to check out these two dads' tribute.
  • When I'm bored/lazy and decided I just want to waste a few minutes drooling over pretty  clothes online one of the places I always visit is Old Navy's toddler girls section. I'm seriously jealous that the clothes are all in Little Lady's sizes instead of mine! Here are a few pieces I've recently been drooling over: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, &, #6

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