An Easy and Mess Free Autumn Window Craft.

I have bit of a love affair with contact paper.  Not only does it act as laminator in a pinch but it's also  great for mess free (no glue and paint) crafts. A couple weeks ago, when I still under weather, the kids used it to decorate one of our windows. 

Supplies - contact paper, masking tape, paper dollies or tissue paper.

Step 1 - tape contact paper (sticky side out) to window. I learned that peeling around the corners/edges and taping those first is easier than trying to tape the contact paper once it's all been peeled. 

Step 2 - add your dollies

And that is it - now you have a fun colorful window! Ours has been up for almost two weeks now and has held up really well. 

If you are looking for a few more contact paper craft ideas, here's a some other ways we've put it to use: Snow Bear Resist Painting,  Look-a-Like Stained Glass, and Paint chip hearts

What is your favorite way to use contact paper? 

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