DIY, Dress Up Laurel Wreaths

We are just now finishing up, The Story of The World: Ancient Times, we are little bit behind because we took a couple detours to dig deeper in to some subjects. Big Buddy was particular interested in learning more about the the Greek Gods, Olympians, gladiators, and the Roman Army. One thing that kept appearing in all of these areas was the laurel wreath. Thus, it became an area of fascination. The boys have been spending a lot of time pretending to by Roman legionaries, so I thought it be fun to make some for their dress box. 

Supplies - paper plate, scissors, green tempera paint, paint brush, white glue, artificial or paper leaves. 

Step 1 - cut a small square from the outer edge of a plate. Then cut out the inner circle. You can discard cut pieces. 

Step 2 - Paint both sides of the outer edge of your plate green. 

Step 3 - once paint has dried, glue leaves to the top of your ring. 

That's it, once the glue has dried you are ready to wear your crown!

Mini Man makes the best faces...I could squeeze that kid all day! 

Little Lady does not have much interest in being a legionary but she enjoyed the crowns (strong emphasis on crown!) too. 

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  1. Wow! This book looks amazing. I can't wait to check it out. I love the wreaths too. Great job!


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