Kid Created Gift, Fossil Medallion Necklace

This past August, the boys and I made fossil medallion necklaces for their treasure hunt birthday party. I've been meaning to share these for awhile but time has way of getting away from me...I also hope to share the birthday party someday - it was a ton of fun!

Anyways, I thought these would make great Christmas gift for children's friends or for Aunts and Grandmas. If the ladies in your family aren't too fond of creepy crawlies, you could also use stamps to imprint flowers or names. 

Supplies - gold colored oven backed clay, rolling pin, round cookie cutter, plastic insects, nail, parchment paper, cookie sheet, scissors, ribbon, & barrel necklace clasps

Step 1 - roll out oven baked clay until it's about an 1/8" thick.

Step 2 - us a cookie cutter to cut a small (1" - 2")  circle from the clay. 

Step 3 - press insect into the clay circle. 

Step 4 - use a nail to poke a hole into each circle/medallion. 

Step 5 - place medallions on a parchment lined cookie sheet and bake at 275° for 15 minutes. 

Step 6 - once the medallions cool, string ribbon through them, and then tie barrel clasps to ribbon ends. 

It's been almost four month since we've made these and the seem to be holding up very well. My children still have theirs and I've seen them hanging up around some of their friends houses. 

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