Christmas Two, Time at Home

We are done with Christmas number two and only have one more go! The last couple days have been good ones. One of the best things about Jeremy being a professor is the extended time he gets off for the holidays. It's such a blessing that despite all the business of the holidays we also get a change to relax and recharge as a family.

christmas morning at our house

The night before our Christmas we all get a new set of  pajamas. We don't do matching sets (my MIL takes care of that), instead I try to find something that fits everyones personalities. For the last couple months Mini Man has been really into the TMNT. I was so excited when I found these footies at Target, however, when he put them on they were too small! He was so pumped about them though that he insisted they fit. We decided to let him keep them and I'll just replace them with a larger pair later. I can't believe he's outgrown an XS - I wish parenthood came with a pause button. 

For our family's Christmas we try to bring the focus back to the nativity. We bake a breakfast cake, for the last couple of years the kids have requested monkey bread, and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. 

We've also only give the kids three gifts: one to represent gold/something they want, one to represent myrrh/something to share. and one to represent frankincense/something to grow spiritually.

little lady was really excited about her princess devotional 

This year Jeremy built the kids 'gold gifts'. He made Little Lady a dollhouse. It's basically a scaled down model of our house. It's not quite finished: we still need to add a roof, put in some trim, and complete the porches. Little Lady recognized it as our house right away though and has had so much fun pretending and getting everything situated just right. 

For the boys he built weapons inspired by the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. He made a dwarf set and an elf set. There are a couple more pieces that can be added to each set but Jeremy thought the boys would have fun helping him put those together. 

Jeremy also put the kids' design skills to work. He asked each of them to draw a picture of jewelry they'd like to give to me, he then used the laser cutter at his work to create them. 

Mini Man was probably the most excited about this project. He spent a long time telling my about the thought behind his design and all the places I could wear it. 

Jeremy's birthday is at the end of December so we also spent a day celebrating him. We had donuts and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then we went to our local ice-skating rink and ended the day with pizza, cake, and a movie with some friends. I am so thankful for this man! I hope I always remember what a blessing it is to go through life with him by my side. He's encouraging, funny, quick to forgive, and gives the best hugs. 

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