Literature Based Kindergarten Curriculum, "Patron Saint of Ireland"

Primary Literature
  • Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola. This book is a great introduction to kids on not only Saint Patrick but on biographies in general. It is full of factual information yet still offers and engaging story. dePaola's classic bright illustrations also help to draw in young listeners. My children were especially intrigued by five legends it includes about Saint Patrick. 

  • Vocabulary Words to Review
    • noble - distinguished/highborn
    • fierce - violent
    • raided - to steal 
    • pagan - not religious
    • desolate - barren/empty
    • missionary - a person sent to spread God's word

Complimentary Literature
  • The Last Snake in Ireland: A Story about Saint Patrick by Sheila Macgill-Callahan, a whimsical book tells of the legend of how Saint Patrick rid Ireland of all it's snakes...and what became of the persistent snake who refused to leave. 
  • Saint Partrick's Day by Gail Gibbons, this is a nonfiction book that not only tells about the life of Saint Patrick, but also explains the many ways people celebrate and the reasons behind the many symbols that surround the holiday.

Other Complementary Materials

Learning Activities and Games
  • Matching shamrocks and numbers. This game was really simple to make. I cut notecards in two, then wrote the numbers on one side and used corresponding stickers on the other side. 

  • Uppercase/lowercase alpahbet sticker matching. I found this game via Rachel at I Heart Crafty Things

  • Stamping with cookie cutters. 

I also brought out a few other learning games and activities from a previous years Saint Patricks Day unit.

Please check our homeschooling page for more children's literature and unit ideas. 

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