Color Absorption Flowers

Recently, I've been seeing lots of pins about  cotton rounds and color absorption. It such a fun idea I can see way it's been so popular. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was something I had to try it with my kids. They love using eye droppers and mixing colors. We decided to use buttons and ribbons to turn our dyed cotton rounds into flowers. 

Supplies - newspaper or craft paper, food coloring, water, eyedroppers, cotton rounds, card-stock,  glue, ribbon, buttons, and scissors.

Step 1 -  Cover your work surface with paper or use large trays - food coloring will stain!

Step 2 - Mix food coloring and water.

Step 3 - Use eyedroppers to cover your cotton rounds in color.  

Step 4 - Let cotton rounds dry overnight. 

Step 5 - Cut ribbon to make stems and leaves. 

Step 6 - Glue cotton rounds onto paper. 

Step 7 - Glue buttons and ribbons on to cotton rounds to make flowers. 

Little Lady's flowers were nice and line up...the boys, however, took a little bit more of an abstract approach.

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