Crazy, Funny, Beautiful Kids

Being a parent is so draining yet so fulfilling. It's full of stress yet also full of humor. 

I feel like many days I'm on a teeter-totter. One moment I'm ready to send them all up to their rooms so I can have a bit of space and quite and then next I'm laughing at their silly shenanigans and pulling them close for a long hug. 

It's not always easy but I do love being their mom. They make me smile and laugh...they melt my heart over and over again. 

shirt: hand-me-down (similar), suspenders: hand-me-down (similar), pants: old navy,
shoes: old navy

Silly words from Mini Man...
  • We had one of Jeremy's former students over for dinner and Mini Man apparently walked in on him in the bathroom and said, "you want to play pee swords...did you know girls sit down when they pee? That's weird!"
  • Before seeing the new Cinderella movie, "I'm just going to eat popcorn with my eyes closed!". He actually ended up really enjoying the film.
  • While coloring a picture, "this is awesome right now, I can't even bear it!"
  • Holding up a Boba Fett figurine to Jeremy, "Daddy for Halloween I'm going to be just like this! Just like this! Except I'll be taller."

sweater: hand-me-down (similar), dress: sarah soulspeak, leggings: old navy, shoes: gift (similar)

Silly words from Little Lady

  • while in the bathroom, "the seat is cold can you hold me up?"
  • "I can't go to sleep because there's too much love in my body"
  • "Early today Satan was trying to trick me but he can't cause daddy learned me tons about God"
  • "Mommy, someday can you bring me to Facebook?"
  • While rubbing scentred lotion on her feet, "my feet are going to taste like princesses"
  • Telling Jeremy about her new sneakers, "they have hearts on them and this squeak stuff on the bottom."
  • "Cinderella is king of the princesses" 

shirt: old navy, tie: gift (similar), pants: thrift (similar), shoes: old navy

Silly words from Big Buddy

  • Jeremy hears a loud thud from upstairs so he goes up to investigate. He find Big Buddy on the floor under the bunk bed holding on to his baby blanket. Jeremy: what happened? Big Buddy: "why don't parachutes work !?"
  • Trying to console Little Lady after our Whoopee Cushion broke, "it's ok that the fart balloon broke, I'll be your fart balloon, just push on my tummy."
  • "Poor people have very little money and rich people have lots and lots and lots of money. Medium people have just the right amount; we are medium people."
  • "I'm bleeding thirsty!" We put the axe on this little phrase since it sounded too much like a British curse word. 

What silly things or antics do your kids do that have you laughing? 

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