Japanese Carp Streamers

We are just finishing up taking a look at Ancient Asia in our history book, Story of the World, Volume 2: The Middle Ages. My boys, of course, were very fascinated by Samurai and Ninjas. They've spent a lot of time the past couple week coloring pages from Samurai Arms and Armor.

We currently are not doing an official geography curriculum so we piggyback off our history curriculum and use it talk about other countries and cultures. All the kids were a little envious that in Japan children get their own holiday, Children's Day. During this day a koinobori or carp streamer is flown above houses. The carp is chosen because it it thought of as the most spirited fish. Spirited is a good way to describe all my children, so we decided we had to make our version of a carp streamer.

Supplies -  paper roll, white glue, scissors, string, tape, wiggle eyes, hole punch, tissue paper, and a pencil. 

Step 1 - cut tissue paper in small half circles and long streamers

Step 2 - starting at bottom use glue to layer the semicircle tissue papers with the curve side facing down. 

Step 3 - on the inside of the bottom of the paper roll create a line of glue, then press on the tissue streamers. 

Step 4 - punch two holes on opposite sides of the top of the paper roll.

Step 5 - run a string through the paper roll and then tie it onto the end of the pencil. We also used tape to make sure the string stayed in place on the pencil. 

Step 6 - use glue to adhere wiggle eyes to the top of paper roll. 

Your carp streamers are now ready to be flown.


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