Mother Daughter Dresses

My sweet friend Sarah recently started making and selling these darling dresses. A couple weeks ago, she asked me to come over and model them for her while she took a few pictures. I adored the fun  patterns she had picked, as well as the simple silhouette, so I asked her if she'd make Little Lady and I coordinating sets for Easter. Little Lady was insistent that she have butterflies on her dress so Sarah found a fun sparkly pattern for her and a coordinating gingham pattern for me. The dresses turned out really well. They are super comfy and both Little Lady and I enjoyed 'matching' for the day. 

Our Easter was pretty chilly so we had to layer. If the weather had been warmer this is how we would of styled them...

Oh well, I'm sure they will get worn lots this spring and summer. Little Lady is already asking me when we can wear our 'matching' dresses again.

Sarah does not have an online shop but you can always contact her through Facebook

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