Color Vibe

For the last couple of years Mini Man has been begging for me and him to run a race together. The goal was to do it last summer but BabyZ  put a wrench in things.  This summer I was determined to cross it off our to do list. We signed up and ran the Color Vibe in Rockford last month. It's was the perfect first race for's only a 5K, the entry fee was cheap ($25 and kids under 12 run free), and it's a very laid back event.

I had plans for Mini Man and I to train but we never got around to it. I have yet to figure out how to work a fitness routine back in to my schedule after having BabyZ. Mini Man is a born runner though and I was getting nervous because for the first mile he kept asking me, "mommy can we go speed now!?" I was struggling to keep up with him so I was thrilled when he finally slowed down. We had to walk once but for no training I was pretty pleased...after walking for a bit Mini Man was ready to sprint again. 

Even though just Mini Man and I ran the race, the whole family came to the event. Big Buddy and Little Lady got to help throw color and we all had a blast at the dance party before and after the run.

BabyZ is such a trooper. Being the youngest he's learned to go with flow and sleep anywhere.

Since they allow strollers the plan next year is for all of us to run. Thinking it's might become a tradition...hopefully, at least for the next few years, I'll be able to keep up with my kiddos. 

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