Strawberries at Cody's Farm

Last week the kids and I picked strawberries at Cody's Farm & Orchard in Marengo. It's a small simple place but very well thought out. The supplies were orderly and the bathrooms were very clean, they even had a changing table set up for babies. 

Strawberries definitely taste better straight off the vine. We couldn't get over how sweet these were. 

It was a hot morning and BabyZ was not happy in the carrier. We tried lying him down by us while we picked strawberries but eventually we just took turns cuddling with him on the benches by the fields. I especially was so grateful the that the farm had the foresight to provided benches...without them I'm pretty sure I would of called quits before we even filled one basket. 

I knew I probably wouldn't find the time to make jam or do any canning so we only picked about  nine pounds of strawberries. We used most of them to make a simple freezer friendly compote and the rest for popsicles and cobbler. 

It was a good day; the kids have already decided that we must do it again next year. 

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