Crabtree Nature Center

Early in the summer we had a family day and went to the Crabtree Nature Center in Barrington.

If you have elementary school kids in your family this is a perfect forest preserve to visit. Less then half-a-mile up the trail is a nature play area with a plethora of actives to engage young learners. 

My kiddos enjoyed learning about how to tell the age of a tree. They also enjoyed climbing in, on, under, and over the little structures made out of sticks and branches. There favorite spot though was probably the frog pond. You aren't suppose to touch the frogs with your hands so they had a lot of fun getting them to jump on to sticks. 

Also, on the trail is a spot to observe waterbirds living on Crabtree Lake. 

In addition, to the fun found on the trails there are some indoor exhibits where kids can get a closer look at some local birds, reptiles, and amphibians. They also have an indoor play area where children can do crafts, puzzles and engage in pretend play. 

We spent a little over four hours exploring this beautiful place. There is no fee to visit, so it is a fun inexpensive way to have a fun filled family afternoon. 

Had to included this picture - he makes baby-wearing look very good!

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