About a month ago we finally decided to check out our local drive-in. We saw The Secret Life of Pets and BFG. The older kids were on cloud nine! This was their first drive-in and they were so impressed with the large screen, the little radios, sitting on top of the car, and getting to stay out past midnight? Baby Z was pretty happy doesn't matter where you are as long as mommy is holding and nursing you. 

I'm pretty sure this will become an annual summer tradition. Cascade Drive-in worked great for our family because they have a little playground where the kids can get some of their wiggles out. They also allow you to bring in outside food. They do have a snack bar and we did treat the kids to root beer floats, but it was nice to also have some healthier (and cheaper) snacks too. 

Little Lady didn't make it all they way through the BFG but I'm sure we will watch the movie again. It was a little sad because we read the book last year and she was the one who enjoyed it the most; her and Mini Man bring up the story at least once a week. I enjoyed the movie; I think it stayed pretty true to the story. If you haven't read the book yet though you should! The book, as always, is so much better than the movie...some wondrous magic just that can't be captured on film. 

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