Rocky Mountain National Park

While in Colorado one of the little trips our family took was to Rocky Mountain National Park. We had planned to hike a few trails. However, Little Lady was pretty weary after a night of battling altitude sickness so we decided to just hike to Horse Trail Falls and hang out for there for a bit...we stayed for almost three hours! It ended up being a perfect spot for us. The path to the falls was a quick walk from the parking lots. The boys were happy to explore the falls and climb on the rocks, while Litte Lady rested for a bit. She actually fell asleep on a rock! Baby Z and I took a little rest too. When Little Lady woke up she felt much better and was ready to join the boys in their exploring. 

After leaving Rocky Mountain National Park we went to Estes Park to window shop and indulge in some sweets. BabyZ got his first taste of ice cream - it was so fun to watch the pleasure and excitement all over his face. 

To add a little excitement to hiking and walking I added Geocaching to my phone. Estes Park is the perfect town for geocaching, they have plethora of caches. The kids loved hunting for treasures and since they were occupied it gave Jer and I chance to slow down and enjoy the scenery. 

Another fun thing we saw while walking around Estes Park was a bunch of elks. It was crazy how fearless they were, they actually kept trying to approach us!

We had some long time friends move from Illinois to Colorado this summer. It's hard to think of them being so far away! Sometimes Jeremy and I dream about gathering all our favorite people and forming a commune. Life is just better when you do it with good company. Despite the distance, though, we are determined to stay connected. They were about midway between Estes Park and Castle Rock so stopped by their new town for a pizza picnic and some nighttime beach swimming. 

I think I have about two more posts full of Colorado fun...please bear with me as i stretch this out as long as possible. :)

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