Cantigny Park

This past weekend our family went to Cantigny Park. This has been on Big Buddy's list forever. They have a tank park with eleven tanks that kids can climb on and explore. For over a year Big Buddy has been reading every book he can get his hands on about military vehicles. He also has a couple journals full of tank sketches. His current dream job is to design tanks/weapons for the military.

Unfortunately, they are in the process of doing some renovations, so only a couple of the tanks were open for climbing. We still had fun reading about all the tanks - I was so impressed that Big Buddy could name and tell me about so many of the tanks' features before I even started to read the info plagues. 

Next to the tank park is the First Division Museum. I was blown away with the exhibits - it was way more remarkable than I had imagined! Their interactive displays transport you back-in-time to all the wars the 1st Division has served in from World War I to Dessert Storm. The museum is also going to be under renovation and will closed from November 11, 2016 till late summer 2017. It was already one of the most impressive museums I've been to, so I'm excited to see the coming enhancements. 

The grounds of Cantigny Park are beautiful and exploring them was the perfect way to spend a warm October Sunday. They have a playground, so Jeremy and I were able to sit on picnic table and have a mini date as our kiddos burned off some of their energy. 

The above two photos makes my heart smile to the point of bursting. Jeremy gets so much joy out of being a dad and our children delight in him. I see bits of Jeremy in all of our children but BabyZ resembles him the most. Together with their matching smiles and deep blues eyes they really are too much ;) 

There is lot of Cantigny Park we didn't see, we didn't step inside the Visitors Center or the Robert R. McCormick Museum. I'm not sure the other museum would hold my kids' interest for very long but it could be a good afternoon date for Jeremy and I.

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  1. We love Cantigny and were bummed to find out most tanks were closed the last time we were there! In the visitors center there is a section of the floor with clear glass and a mini/model under the floor to check out!


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