Cave of the Winds

One of our favorite Colorado adventures was going to Cave of the Winds. They offer some educational and fun tours of the caves. We went on the Discover Tour. Our guide had the perfect mix of humor and educational facts. Big Buddy shocked us by demonstrating how much he already knew about caves, he explained the difference between a stalactites and stalagmites to our group. 

Jeremy and boys also tried the Wind Walker Challenge Course and the Bat-A-Pult. It was $20 a person for these activities but the number of times they could go was unlimited. We went on Wednesday and after a large youth group left the lines were really short, so it was definitely worth the money. Little Lady was too short for these activities but she had fun watching and mining for treasures.

It was starting to rain when we left Cave of the Winds but since Garden of the Gods was so close we decided to stop by despite the weather. It was a quick trip but the kids were impressed by the rock formations and Jeremy and I found some kissing rocks to mimic. 

Well this my last Colorado post...I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me. Hopefully, we will be back to visit Aunt Em and Uncle Dan again soon, so if you have any favorite or must see Colorado places please let me know.

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