Small Graces

1 -   They way BabyZ is constantly sticking out his tongue as he's getting used to his four new teeth. 

2 - Little Lady's combination of toughness, sweetness, and sassiness. 

3 - How despite her sass her big brother's always have her back. 

4 - Whole 30!

5 - Nature walks with friends. 

6 - Geocaching treasures. 

7 - Little Lady sketching flower after to flower because she's determined to be and artist just like daddy. 

8 - Soccer Saturdays

9 - Our library that encourages curiosity not only through books but also through imaginative play.

10 - Reminders of God's promises.

This post is part of series inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song, "Small Graces".

Sometimes they slip by without notice
Sometimes they are very hard to see
Other times it's all so clear when they are happening to me...

They are a reminder to the heart there is more to the life than meets the eye...
He is in the small graces, the little moments when the miracles come...
small graces pointing me to the larger one...
little glimpses of the kingdom come

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