What I've Been Wearing


I could no longer resist the urge and decided to cut myself some bangs. I never attended to grow my hair out so long - it was pure laziness with a bit of help from baby hormones. I've become attached to the length though but still was craving a bit of a change, so bangs it is. 


I picked this shirt up on clearance at Anthropologie. As a single-income-family I can't afford to shop there much anymore but I think it will always be one of my favorite stores. They seem to enjoy whimsy and color almost as much as I do. 


I think Converse will always be my go-to shoe. I know that a heel or an ankle boot would of made this outfit look a little more polished and would have made my legs look a little slimmer. Sometimes, comfort just wins out. We spent the day at the Adler Planetarium and I needed to know that I'd be able to keep up with my kiddos. I also like the way that Converse brings a casual/I'm-not-trying-to-hard vibe to any outfit. 


I've come to really like casual dresses over athletic leggings. It's a very comfy look but I still makes me feel put together and cute. What are your favorite go-to casual looks. 

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