What I've Been Wearing


This is another dress from eShakti. The fun embroidered print has made it one of my favorite pieces. 


In the midst of taking these pictures Little Lady ran out to join me in some of the shots. She chooses her own clothes most days and I delight in the little outfits she puts together. I also enjoy that she tells me what clothes I need to save for her when she gets big, this skirt is on the top of her list.


This outfit was perfect for a dreary fall day. I picked up the scarf at a Florence street market. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it - purple and turquoise are one of my favorite color combinations. 


This scarf was a gift from a friend. It's super light and soft which makes it perfect for wearing on warmer days. Scarfs are one of my go-to gifts for other ladies. They come in so many different variations and it's almost impossible to have too many. 


 This is the second time I've worn this skirt. It's a Goodwill find and I was drawn to the whimsical pattern.

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