Whole 30 BBQ

Jeremy and I are almost done with our first Whole 30. I'll share more about our experience in the next couple of weeks, but a little spoiler - it's definitely been worth it! I'm not sure if we would of been able to pull it off without my sister-in-law Heidi though. She's done Whole 30 before but when we told we were interested in giving it a try she volunteered to do it with us. Each week she sent me her menu with links to all the recipes...this has been a life saver. I'm terrible at 'normal' meal planning. She also sent us lots of encouraging texts. I think having a team helped too. If Jeremy and I cheated we weren't cheating on just us but were were cheating on Heidi and her husband Colby.

About midway through our Whole 30 journey the invited us to their apartment for a Whole 30 BBQ. It was delicious, those too can seriously cook! It was their healthy cooking while we on vacation this summer that convinced us that maybe we could actually do Whole 30. Colby grilled ribs, chicken, and sweet potatoes. They also served a delicious pad-thai coleslaw and fruit salad.

After lunch we walked to a nearby park where they introduced us to a new game Slammo. This is perfect game for lots of different ages because while it's physical, it's a bit out of the box...if you get in to it everyone will make mistakes and end up looking silly. 

While at the park Jeremy also taught our boys how to do a pretty cool trick - flipping off a swing. If you want to see a video of Big Buddy in action you can watch it on my instagram.

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