Halloween 2016

I'm a little late posting these photos. It's been a busy week...mostly, for happy reasons. We had an out-of-state friend stay with us a couple nights which led to an evening full of good wine and good conversation. We also had some unhappy busyness - sick and teething kids up at all hours of the night.

Mini Man has been begging for the last couple years to make our house scary for Halloween. We debated for awhile; we don't want to glorify death or evil. After having some conversations with each other and with the kids, we decided we would decorate with natural scary things like spiders, bats, etc. Jeremy and I are also huge fans of stories and mythology so we figured we could also incorporate some of the "scarier" characters from our favorite books. The big spider on top of roof is suppose to be Aragog. We have plans to add a little bit each year...he needs some fur and some glow-in-the-dark eyes. 

This year Big Buddy dressed up a trooper again. Mini Man was Venom. Baby Z was a dragon and Little Lady was a Christmas-butterfly-princess. She had been itching to wear that Christmas dress since we unpacked our fall/winter clothes bins - her persistence and strategy cracks me up. I just pray that the Lord will give me extra strength and patiences during her teen years - she's is going to give me a run for my money. 

Jeremy and I didn't really wear a costume but we did get into the spirt of things. Jeremy wore his Hufflepuff tie. I paired a fun spider fascinator, that I got on clearance a couple years back, with some  dramatic fall themed clothing from my closet. 

It's become a tradition of ours to go to Chipotle after trick-or-treating - if you wear a costume, meals are just $3! Big Buddy was excited because he had his very 1st adult sized burrito. 

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