Robot Zoo

Every Monday we walk to our town's local library. When I was a kid libraries were my favorite places to hang out. My house was always kind-of-hectic and the library was my escape. It was a magical place for me - my path to another world.  

Even now as a grown-up when I enter a library, any library, I feel this sudden burst of joy and anticipation - I just may stumble upon something wonderful! Gail Borden, our local library, is a magical place. Their childrens' areas are huge. They have a large play area full of imaginative toys for younger children. They also set out new games and crafts each week for older children. I don't think my kids see library as the escape the way I did as a child, but they relish going. I delight in the fact that we share this common affection.

Right now our library is even more impressive than usually. It's currently hosting a museum quality exhibit, The Robot Zoo. There are 8 robotic animals throughout the library. Some of them the kids can control with remotes. It provides a fascinating and unique insight in to how animals' anatomies work. There is also other hand-on-activities scattered through-out the library that compare animals muscles to simple machines. Every week, we seem to discover and learn something new. 

The Robot Zoo will be up until December 11, 2016. If you live in the Chicago area you should definitely plan a visit to Gail Borden Library.  If it's too far of a trip for you, you can still check out the animal robots in the book, The Robot Zoo

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