What I've Been Wearing


Sunday afternoon we ventured out in the afternoon to try and take some photos for our Christmas card. It was cold and BabyZ wasn't feeling very well but we still got a couple good shots. I was so proud of the older three they had such great attitudes.


Since BabyZ was under the weather most of the week I didn't get out of my pajamas very often. By Friday though I was itching to really get dressed and the kids were more than excited to go out and run some errands. 

If you are looking for more outfit inspiration please check out these link parties: Watch What I'm WearingMonday MingleStyle Sessions, Trend SpinPleated Poppy and A Labour of Life


  1. Those photos are adorable! Love the pattern mixing with your sweater and skirt outfit!

    1. Thanks - my love for patterns and pattern-mixing is strong ;)

  2. I love your family photos! They are so perfect! Love the color and style of your first dress too!


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