Frock Swap

Saturday Kayleia and I had a lot of fun attending our towns annual frock swap. The week before the swap you bring in cloths you no longer wear and trade them for points. You then buy a $10 ticket for the swap (proceeds go to a local women's shelter) where you can exchange your points for "new to you" clothing.  
I traded in:
1: Bridesmaid Dress 2: Express Pants 3: Gap Jacket, 4: Anthropologie Shirt 5: Target Sweater,
6: Abercormbie Jeans
I went home with:
1: Vintage Dress 2: Boden T-shirt 3: Gift Bag 4: ? Shoes 5: ? Belt 6: Nine West Shoes
7: Banana Republic Shirt
I also participated last year where I got this skirt.  It's proven to be a low cost way to add different things to my closet - such as a pink shirt or snake skin flats, which are unusual picks for me. The red dress was an amazing find, vintage 100% silk. Once it's hemmed it's going to be a ton of fun to wear. On top of all that it is an easy way to support my community.  

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  1. I totally forgot to do this! you must remind me next year! I am happy I got to help you in a small green sweater sort of way!!! ;)


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