Josiah & Jello Dreamsicle Cake

In a previous post I wrote about how I find baking to be therapeutic, I also just think it's fun, especially when I'm baking with Josiah.  A couple weeks ago I had my first taste of Jello cake and so smitten I asked for the recipe.  When I discovered it was just cake mix, holes, jello, and cool whip I knew it would be the perfect thing to make with my little chef. Here's a photo diary of the experience
It's important to "read" the instructions first,
Josiah's interpretation of them had me cracking up
Josiah's favorite part about helping Mommy bake
We used orange jello because that's Josiah's favorite color

Forced smile "I don't want my picture taken with it, I want to EAT it."

We just kinda winged but if you prefer directions I found some online here. If you have children this is a great recipe to try with them, it's simple (box mixes & cool whip), fun (they get to poke holes) and pretty (colored stripes). It also delicious.


  1. Well done, Josiah! Keep up the good baking, who knows where it will lead!

  2. Yummy! I'm super impressed with Josiah's baking skills. He looks so efficient at cracking eggs into a bowl!


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