Annual Pumpkin Farm Visit

Last year the boys and I spent a day at a local pumpkin farm and had so fun much we decided it was definitely going to be an annual event. This year we went with Maca and a group of neighborhood friends - they made a good thing even better. 

The place is pretty impressive with tons of things to do: farm animals, mazes, rides, games, playgrounds, etc. It looks like it could get expensive if you go on the weekend so we always go on a weekday when admission includes everything. 

little lady found the animals very intriguing. 

all the kids crowed around this pig for a couple
minutes. when everyone else left i heard little lady
whisper "hi" - my heart burst into pieces

this tunnel slide in the barn was a big hit

big buddy decided to scare all the other moms
and climb up the outside

i know it looks like a horse but big buddy saw a gun -

another moment that almost caused my heart to explode

everybody loved  the huge jumping pillow

little lady enjoyed it so much i wasn't sure we'd be able to leave 

mini man remembered this tractor tire mountain from
last year and had to conquer it


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  1. So fun!! We have a pumpkin patch, but not a pumpkin farm! I wish we did.


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