Christmas at Home

Friday we had our little family Christmas. The festivities actually started the night before: we drove around and looked at Christmas lights, watched The Nutcracker, and then put the kiddos to bed in the playroom. After Jeremy and I finished prepping, we spent the night camped out under the tree - guarding the presents from potential, over-excited early risers. Surprisingly, they all slept in until almost eight o'clock, giving Jeremy and I the gift of a slow quiet morning. Once awake, they dug through their stockings then celebrated Jesus birthday with a special breakfast. It was already feeling like the perfect Christmas morning when just as we started to open gifts we noticed the beautiful big snowflakes outside our window. After the gifts were opened we spent the rest of the day bumming around in our pajamas (well most of us - Little Lady is still going through a naked phase) enjoying our new treasures. It was an amazing day! I'm so thankful for these three little munchkins and their daddy. 

had to include this picture. he is so weird -
and never ceases to make us laugh

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