Kid Style Summary

Here's another look at what my kiddos have been wearing lately. You can check out the first post in this series here.

This shirt is a hand-me-down from her daddy; we love that his mom saved a few of his clothes. And yes, that is a tattoo on her arm - it's spiderman, she has brothers :)

little lady  shirt & shoes: hand-me-down, tights: thrift, skirt: target/clearance

This cardigan in still a bit big for Little Lady but she loves it. So much so that she frequently insists on  wearing JUST it and a fancy pair shoes around the house. 

little lady  cardigan: hand-me-down, dress & tights: thrift, hair clip: charming charlie
shoes: gift
See that dimple? It melts my heart every time!

big buddy shirt: hand-me-down, pants: gap/clearance, shoes: gift

More self-spiked hair and he's got a little food (looks to be chocolate) under his lip - this boy is always sneaking something. But what am I going to do with looks like this?

mini man sweater + shirt + pants: all hand-me-downs from his brother
(originally gifts or thrift finds) shoes: gift

I think little girls and pigtails has to be one of the sweetest combinations in the world.

little lady  shirt + skirt + shoes: target, tights: thrift

In these two pictures the boys are pretending to be knights.

mini man sweater: thrift, pants: hand-me-down, shoes + shirt: gift

big buddy vest + shirt: thrift, pants + shoes: gift

I didn't notice until I was labeling these pictures that they are re-wearing several items of clothing. It's honestly our norm.  I like them to look cute and fun but they don't own a ton of clothes (well, except for Little Lady's shoe collection - it's a bit insane, but mostly hand-me-downs) so we remix a lot, and what they have is well loved. 


  1. Nice!
    I love pigtails on little girls too. :o)

  2. Remixing is real life--for adults too! Your children are so adorable! I remember some of my little sisters wearing shirts that used to be my Dad's. I probably did too...I just can't remember that part of my life! :P

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