Small Graces

A weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

traditional christmas fun

our christmas tree

watching this boy master new skills 

little girls, pigtails, and kisses

i-phones and how they can keep little boys quiet
long after they've finished their dinner
*movie watching under the restaurant table

enamored cousins and a very patient baby wren

big buddy and his newest knight
photo c/o heather

upside down sunglasses

upside down jackets are pretty great too

kazoos in church 

a tried little lad with her baby

We just had a wonderful last couple of days with some of husbandie's family. We weren't able to get together for Thanksgiving so this was a nice treat. We spent most of the time just hanging around Maca and Papa's house, but we did venture in to Chicago Saturday afternoon for lunch. (FYI, Michigan Avenue is a mad house during the holidays.) It's always such a blessing to see them and I'm glad it's less than month until we will all be together again.

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