Wet Chalk Drawings

Drawing with wet chalk is not only a fun art activity but also provides and interesting sensory experience. The texture of chalk changes when it is wet and becomes much smoother and more paint like. The color of wet chalk is also more vibrant. 

This activity is a great for last minute crafting because the supplies and prep work are very simple. 

Our supplies: chalk, small cup of water, black construction paper, hair spray (optional) 

Step #1 dip chalk in water

Step #2 use wet end of chalk to draw desired picture. Re-dip chalk frequently.

depending on how hard you push  you can build up layers with wet chalk to
 create interesting textures. 

mini man's fine motor skills are still developing so he frequently will ask to
use stencils when he has something particular in mind he wants to create. 

Step #3 (optional) spray finished drawing with hair spray. This sets the chalk and prevents future smearing. This trick will also work on dry chalk pictures.

MINI MAN'S: even when using stencils mini man has taken to adding his own details like the tires and lights
on this car. the 'M' is all him. we wrote "race car" together using the hand over hand technique. 

MINI MAN'S:  he used a stencil to draw the big whale,  i love the extras that he added like the water spout and
the baby whale, "so the mama whale wouldn't be lonely".  when i pointed out that his 'M' looked like
waves he decided to draw more. 

BIG BUDDY'S almost all his drawings currently look like this: swords and maybe a dinosaur or two. 

You can also use this technique outside with sidewalk chalk. You may also want to try our homemade sidewalk chalk paint

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