Small Graces

A weekly reflection inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

"these are the small graces, the little moments when the miracles come...
they are a reminder to the heart there is more to life than meets the eye...
He is in the small graces....
small graces pointing me to the larger one...
little glimpses of the kingdom come..."

"...sometimes they slip by without notice
sometimes they are very hard to see
other times it's very clear when they are happening to me" 

spinning in the street, big smiles, & frog boots

outdoor bubble baths

may day baskets 

putting away winter socks to find a candy bar hidden underneath

she asks to paint everyday

a cookie baking date

when she lets me braid her hair

unique playground equipment, little giggles, & dizzy walks

silly face, dirty legs, popsicles....a good ending to a spring day

the new supercroc exhibit at our library - with a "fossil" the kids can touch

x-large mobile fish tanks...what a weird thing to type, but it was happy a find

I didn't get change to post a small graces last weekend. We were extra busy with graduation events at Jeremy's university. It's bittersweet to see the students we have grown to love receive their diplomas - so much pride and sadness at the same time.

With Jeremy's school-year ending I have started subbing again. It makes life a bit more chaotic and can leave me feeling pretty wiped - I have so much admiration for mom's who work full time! I am however, incredibly thankful for the flexibility, that it's a job I enjoy, and that it provides us with a little bit of a financial cushion. 

Today is Mother's Day and I'm up early enjoying the quiet - the kids are still sleeping and Jeremy ran out to pick up a special breakfast. I'm so incredibly thankful that I've been given the privilege of being a mom. It's a hard job that has stretched me - forcing me to grow in much needed ways. There are moments/days that fill me with frustration but then there are all these little moments that are so sweet and beautiful that I'm left overwhelmed with how incredibly blessed I am. 

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