Weekly Outfit Summary

SUNDAY scarf + shirt + skirt: old, shoes: dsw (nine west), necklace: f21, bracelets: target

 TUESDAY cardigan + belt: thrift, shirt: modcloth, jeans: gap, shoes: dsw,
purse: old navy

FRIDAY sweater: anthropologie, skirt: frock swap, shoes: old, belt: banana republic  

SATURDAY cardigan: old navy, scarf & belt: thrift, shirt: ?, shoes: target, jeans: gap 

This past week I've been reading a lot about the senseless tragedy that happened in Bangladesh. It seems like the news lately is filled with tragedy after tragedy. This one, however, has weighed differently on my heart. It wasn't an act of nature or of some madmen - it was the result of a long standing practice of devaluing and abusing people for monetary gain. And the ugly truth is that even though I'm thousands of miles away I can't absolve myself of all blame.
I obviously enjoy clothes but it's been far too long since I've really taken the time to think about the hands that make them. The passion I had for social justice in college has gotten lost amidst busy days and a desire for convenience. Unfortunately, making social responsible choices isn't simple. The news often mentions obvious culprits, like a certain big box store, but as I've done research this week I've learned that some popular higher end stores aren't much better and sometimes even worse. 
To be honest I'm still a bit confused about where to go from here. I know I want to change my family's shopping habits - I don't want our spending in anyway to support the mistreatment of people. I see us thrifting more. It's good for the environment and a lot of thrift stores are connected to social agencies. For things that we have to buy new I plan to start using Good Guide. It's free and easy to sign up. I like that I can choose what issues/values are most important to me and filter items/companies accordingly. They've also made it very convenient to use. Their transparency toolbar allows you to see how products measure up to your values while shopping online; furthermore, if the product your viewing doesn't match your values they'll recommend similar ones that do. I've yet to try it but they also have a mobile app for in-store shopping. 
Lastly, I've been searching for stores/boutiques that are socially responsible and appeal to my fashion tastes. So far Mata Traders is my favorite discovery but I'd love to hear of any suggestions you have to offer.

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  1. It is sad about what happened in Bangladesh.. 600 people dead yesterday and some protest.. sad. You look fabulous on Sunday. The skirt is pretty but it's the scarf that brings the whole pieces together.. stunning! Stopping by from the link, do visit my page when you can :)


  2. It's such a shame about all the tragedies going on right now. On a lighter note - love all the colors in your first outfit.


  3. Love them all, especially how the scarf is tied in the last one :)

    TIff Ima
    Style Honestly

  4. love the mustard yellow skirt! its super cute!

  5. Love them all - especially the first and third! You have some awesome skirts. =) You're so pretty!

  6. Love your style, especially the skirts. You look beautiful!

    blue hue wonderland

  7. I really can't watch the news anymore, it's all tragedy and sadness and anger. And I'm going to check out that site/app you linked to, too.

    Also, outfit #3 is my favorite - love the skirt & top combo! :)

  8. This is definitely something I've been thinking about as well - even before the recent tragedy. I agree - it is not a simple thing to find better alternatives. I recently ordered some jewelry from a company that is fair trade and have been trying to find more options. I thrift as well, and I do think that is a good option that is accessible and addresses many of my concerns. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Oh and I really like the outfits you shared. Really pretty colors and combinations.

  9. it's good to be reminded of our impact on the rest of the world. we can get a little wrapped up in posting pictures, can't we? thanks for the reminder, and for sharing your dress for the day story!


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