What My Kids Have Been Wearing

I haven't posted pictures of the kids' outfits in while. Truth be told, most of this past summer the boys were running around shirtless and Little Lady was in one of her swim suits. Little Lady loves clothes; her current uniform of choice is a sleeveless tee, a tutu skirt, sparkly shoes, and headband or crown. The boys not so much. I think most days they'd prefer to stay in their pajamas and if they have to get dress they almost always insist on "soft pants" (sweatpants) and an action hero or dinosaur tee. Six days of the week I let them wear whatever they want (this includes pajamas all day sometimes - perks of homeschooling) but on Sunday's they have to wear what I like...well the boys do anyways, Little Lady and I usually end up having to come to some sort of compromise. Here's what they wore a couple weekends back.

Big Buddy -

vest + shirt: thrift, pants: gift (next), shoes: gift

We are currently going through a bit of a Star Wars phase. A couple weeks back our local library hosted a Star Wars event and had pool-noodle sabers for the kids to play with. Big Buddy was disappointed that he couldn't bring one home so Jeremy whipped up his own version with duct tape and some markers. 

Mini Man -

vest: thrift, shirt + boots: hand-me-down, pants: gift (next)

These boots were originally Big Buddy's, purchased for a wedding he was in, and he hated them! Mini Man on the other hand loves them and when he has to wear shoes these are his top choice. 

Little Lady - 

dress: hand-me-down, leggings: old navy, shoes: thrift

This dress used to belong to Little Lady's aunts and is one of her favorites - if she's not in a tutu she's in this. The leggings required a bit of bargaining so I let her pick out the shoes.

Looking for more cute kids styles? Stop by and check the link at What Kids Wore Wednesday.

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