When Life Gives You a Broken Window...

Our home is pretty old, built in 1903, which is one of the main features that attracted us. We wanted something with history and character. Having an older home though, also means there is almost always something to fix. Lucky for us we've only run into a couple major must do projects, like the bathroom which we had to gut and rebuild a couple summers back, or the exterior of our home which we're hoping to repair and repaint before the end of next summer. There have been, however, tons of little things and lots of "minor" (stripping wallpaper never feels minor) cosmetic repairs. Therefore, when one of our kids sent a superball through our glass-paned storm door, both Jeremy and I were a little exasperated. 

door before the superball incident. 

The more we thought about it though, we realized we never really liked the door in the first place. The paneled glass blocked the view of our pretty front door and I was always having to clean nose, lip, and finger prints off it - see above picture. So we decided instead of replacing the glass we'd just remove the whole panel and put in a screen. 

For us it's been an improvement. We obviously still need to repaint the door but we like the look of the screen better. We also like that it allows us to open the house up to the porch/outside more. 

Once the panel was out, I also had an idea of how to better use it. Jeremy took out several more of the glass panes and cut some new panes out of scrap wood. I then put the kids to work on covering them in chalk board paint. 

Jeremy secured the new chalkboard panes, I hung up a bit of string, and we had a fun new piece to hang above our bed. 

I never thought I'd be happy about a broken window. But I don't think either one of these changes would have happened if it wasn't for that accidental throw. The last month has been full of beautiful fall days - perfect for open doors and windows. And every time I walk into our bedroom I can't help but smile at our new "art".

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  1. I'm enjoying visiting your blog. You have some great, creative ideas. Love your old home!

  2. That is quite a silver lining. Having a screen there can help with air circulation during those hot days, without letting bugs and other foreign things get into your home. And I really like what you did with the panels afterwards. Maybe you can put a big family photo in one of those blank panels, and a wedding pic on the other fill up the space.


  3. When life gives you broken windows, take it as an opportunity to look for a new one. If it weren’t for the superball that broke it, you wouldn’t realize you disliked that glass door in the first place. And a broken glass for an art panel? Who would have thought? =) Roosevelt Franklin @ Clear Choice Windows and More


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