Last Christmas

Last weekend we headed to Indiana to celebrate our last Christmas with Jeremy's family. It was a short trip, just two days. We some how managed to fit in lots of fun and memories though. 

spooner board

wren was so excited about a book she received she had to "read" it right away. 

comparing new clothes with uncle kevin

maca was very pleased with her i-pad

The adults bonded over workouts (T25) and Setters of Catan...and if I'm honest a bit of alcohol. 

i won both rounds! 

My kids love getting to see their cousins. It was great to watch Little Lady and Wren get swept away in playing with each other. 

the morphibians cars were a big hit

None of my kids could get enough of baby Flint. He's a very patient little man.  

His mother is also very patient....

I honestly can't get enough of these two either; they are some of the sweetest kids. 

if wasn't for my arms getting tired, i would of done this all day, just to hear her sweet giggle. 

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