Little Lady's Heart Birthday

Last Saturday we had a heart-themed birthday brunch for Little Lady. We went with hearts because being so close to Valentines Day it was easy - she's also pretty obsessed with pink and red. 

In addition to the Valentine decorations I posted a couple weeks back, we decorated our porch a bit with a festive wreath and our chalkboard. We also added a little streamer to the stairs. 

Since most of the guests are still pretty young we didn't plan too many party activities - they were happy to just explore someone else's toys. We did, however, have a simple stained-glass heart activity and I hung up a few of our homeschool activities

Our menu was also pretty simple. We picked up bagels and donuts from two of our favorite places. We also had little smokies, a spanish tortilla, and lots of fruit. There was coffee for the adults (I made a bunch of homemade creamers) and milk and juice for the kids. 

picture the galvanized tin full of milk, orange juice, and apple juice :)

Since the donuts were already plenty sweet, I made banana bread for the cake and put some vanilla glaze on top. 

Little Lady, had a bit of trouble blowing out three candles - luckily, Mini Man was there to help. 

I feel like I say this about every birthday party we have,  but I'm always so thankful for the wonderful friends God has placed in our life. People who love us and our children. Friends who want to celebrate milestones with us and who would be willing to walk through the trenches with us - we are blessed because of them. 

a fun shot of all the boots and coats that filled our entry way. 

Looking for more birthday ideas? Here are some themes we've done in the past: oceans, dinosaurs, knights, & Beatrix Potter

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