Vanilla Scones

During my last post I mentioned that my sister, Angel, had a dessert celebration for her graduation party. So the evening before we headed to Iowa I stayed up, way past my bedtime, to make goodies.

The ones my husband was most excited about was definitely the vanilla scones. He even, kindly let me know, that a few of them would not be making it to Iowa. I've spoken about my love for blueberry lemon scones before and they are still probably my favorite, but these are great substitute for when blueberries aren't in season.

The recipe I follow is pretty much Ree Drummond's, which can be seen here. The only tweak I make it that I use vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla beans. Vanilla beans are pretty expensive and while not difficult, can be a bit of work to clean out. By using my 40% coupon a Michael's I can buy a jar of vanilla bean paste for under $4.

since i use the paste and not the vanilla bean i don't worry about letting it sit in the cream for 15 mins. i do start by
 mixing them together and then i let them sit while i prepare the dough.

The kids all love dipping the scones into the's may have something to do with the drippings that get left on their fingers. 

Because the paste makes them a little cheaper (and easier) to make we get to enjoy them more often. We've also found other uses for the vanilla bean paste. Like making our own coffee creamer.

pour 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 2 cups milk, and 2 tablespoons of vanilla
bean paste in to a blender. blend until combined. store in the refrigerator. 

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