What My Kids Have Been Wearing

shirt: vintage/hand-me-down (similar $23 or similar $30),
skirt: gift (similar $11 or similar $16) sandals: gift (similar $14 or similar $15)

On our way to Iowa this past weekend Little Lady all the suddened exclaimed, "there's a rainbow over there! Mama, the moon melted into the sky!" It was just Iowa's sunset; which is quite stunning! This girl has a way with words!

Speaking of words, my kids have recently started asking each other "what was your favorite things about the day" at dinner time. This a nightly tradition at my sister-in-law's household and the kids decided to bring it back with us after visiting them earlier this month. Little Lady, however, almost always answer the same way: she looks fondly at Jeremy and says, "seeing my daddy!" She's in love and it one of the most precious things I've ever seen. 

shirt: hand-me-down, short: hand-me-down (similar $17)
shoes: gymboree (similar $35 or similar $21)

Jeremy recently came to the conclusion that Mini Man is essentially Olaf from Frozen. He is funny in an adorable quirky way, he always sees the best in people, and would totally 'melt' for those he loves. 

shirt: thrift, shorts: thrift (similar $19), shoes: gymboree (similar $35 or similar $21)

Like Little Lady, Big Buddy is another smooth talker. Words of affirmation is definitely his love language.  I made a whole bunch of treats for my sister Angel's graduation party but I didn't make chocolate chip cookies because she order some from her school bakery. While setting up I made some comment about how I was glad I didn't make mine because everyone would of just ate the school's anyways. The next day Big Buddy comes up to me as says "mom, I would of still eaten your chocolate chip cookies, they are way better than Aunt Angel's school's"...my hearted turned into a puddle!

These kids - they are a great bunch! 

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