2 Spectacular Weekends!

The last two weekends have been all about family and friends. It's been such a blessing to spend time with people that I love so dearly and who I know have unconditional love for me. My love bank is currently overflowing.

Last year my 4 best friends from elementary/middle school and I decided to have a little weekend reunion. We had such an amazing time together that we've made it an annual tradition. We were pretty inseparable until I moved away before eighth grade and then Amanda moved the following year. For a few of us our friendship was sort of a safe haven; a place to be silly and ridiculous. During those silly times we develop quite bond that not even distance and time seems to have shook. I tend to over analyze everything but these ladies can still set my heart at ease.

We spent Saturday morning/afternoon exploring Millennium Park and the area around the Magnificent Mile. Then headed to Beadniks where our friend Andrea works. We spent the evening there catching up, drinking wine, and making some fun jewelry. If you live in the Chicago area and are a lover of jewelry you need to visit this store. If you are crafty type, they have tons of interesting pieces that will get your creative wheels spinning. If you are not the crafty type, it's still worth visiting because the workers sell their own unique pieces.

While I was out galavanting with my friends on Saturday Jeremy was solo parenting...and can I just say he did a mighty fine job!

He gave the kids a little sketching lesson Saturday morning. Then as a reward for them being hard workers he did a bit of sketching for them. I'm so glad thankful that I have him as my partner! 

This past weekend was all about celebrating somebody else's partnership. We headed to Southern Illinois to attend Jeremy's cousin, Jessica's, wedding

The wedding was at her husband, Randy's, family farm and we are pretty sure it has ruined all future weddings for our boys - there were sticks, a bonfire, and s'mores! Maca and their cousins were also there so it pretty much the best day ever! 

So incredibly thankful for the sweetness these people bring into my life!

*Several of the wedding photos above are c/o Tonya Lindsey

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