Literature Based Kindergarten Curriculum, "The Greedy Triangle"

I'm really behind on posting our kindergarten books. As I mentioned before, I've been battling a virus. I think I've finally got it beat but for the last couple of weeks I've had nothing left to give after the kids go to bed. Hopefully, this week I can get caught up.

Primary Literature:  
  • Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns. I like that this book includes a story and not just a bunch of facts about shapes. I wouldn't necessarily call the triangle greedy, just discontent as he gets bored easily and starts to think that other shapes are more important.  Unsatisfied with the jobs of a triangle he asks a shaper shifter to make him a quadrilateral. He quickly becomes bored with those roles too, and continues to ask for more and more sides. At the end, however, he discovers he's much happier as a triangle and asks to be turned back. 

  • Vocabulary words to review
    • dissatisfied - unhappiness
    • angle - when the ends of lines meet
    • quadrilateral - shape with four sides and four angles
    • pentagon - shape with five sides and five angles
    • hexagon - shape with six sides and six angles
    • octagon - shape with eight sides and eight angles

Complementary Literature
  • When a Line Bends a Shape Beginsclever colorful pictures and simple rhyming text make this  book a joy to read. 
  • Mouse Shapes, this book tells the tale of how three clever mice use shapes to trick a cat.
  • The Shape of Things, a simple book that brings shapes together to form everyday objects like houses, trains, and ships. 

Other Complementary Materials: 

Learning Activities/Games: 

  • Shape sorting game: this is a game we created for Big Buddy several years back. The cards are pictures of everyday objects with one shape highlighted. The children sort them by square, rectangle, and triangle. 

  • Matchstick shape building: I've made the printable (for free) available here

  • Sorting buttons by shape: the buttons were purchased from Discount School Supply, they are great not only for sorting but for lacing and making collages. The food/sorting tray is from Dollar Tree. 

  • Dice shape matching game: we checked these dice and shapes out from the library and then used index cards to create game boards. The game, however, could easily be recreated with foam shapes and a DIY dice. The first child to fill up their game board wins. 

I love this picture, Mini Man had won the first few games but was quite dramatic when Little Lady finally took
the lead. 

  • Alphabet pattern block cards: no matter what unit we are doing these free printable(s) from Confessions of a Homeschooler get pulled out almost everyday. 
  • While out on a walk you can also play I spy: "I see a red circle", etc. Likewise, you can also  make a simple card of shapes and see who can spot them all first. 

  • The children used foam shapes to create their own shaped filled pictures.

this is a castle under siege 

  • They also created some abstract art using shape screens. 

  • If you don't have shape screens, dipping cookie cutters is another fun process-oriented painting method. 
  • Another less messy option is to have children use crayons to color over sandpaper shapes.

If you have any clever shape-learning ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Stop by our homeschool page to see more kindergarten book ideas or ideas for themed units.

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  1. So interesting!! I love this post on “Literature Based Kindergarten Curriculum”. Thanks for sharing. I always use your teaching ideas in my Phoenix kindergarten class. My students love doing these interesting activities.


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