Beyond the Paintbrush

When I worked in child care one of my favorite things do with the kids was to paint. It's a love I've carried over to mommy-hood and the boys and I usually tackle a couple paint projects a week. A lot of fun can be had with just paint and a brush (or fingers), but sometimes it's nice to spice it up a bit.  Here are some of my favorite ways to make painting even more fun.  

Marbled Shaving Cream Prints
supplies: acrylic paint, paper, shaving cream, squeegee, and a skewer or a tooth pick
process: spray shaving cream on to pan, smooth out shaving cream with squeegee, squeeze dots
of paint on to shaving cream, swirl paint with skewer, press paper on to shaving cream, scrap
excess shaving cream from paper

Marble Painting 
supplies: tempera paint, paper, spoons, container with sides, & marbles
process: lay paper inside pan, drop marbles in paint, spoon marbles on to paper, tilt pan back and forth to roll marbles, or push them around with a spoon

Watercolor Crayon Resist 
supplies: water colors*, paper, masking tape, stencils, foam brushes & a white crayon, 
process: draw design with white crayon, paint paper using watercolors
*you can do this activity using traditional watercolor cakes or even diluted food coloring. i really enjoy using
 liquid watercolors because the are easy to work, versatile, and last forever

Bubble Prints
supples: tempera paint, dish soap, water, spoon, straw, wide shallow bowl, paper
process: mix together approximately 1 C water, 1 T dish soap, and 3/4 T tempera paint, use straw 

to blow bubbles, press paper down on top of bubbles. 

Bath Pouf Painting 
supplies: tempera paint, bath pouf, & paper
process: dip pouf into paint and the press to paper. 

Cookie Cutter Prints
supplies: tempera paint, cookie cutters, paper
process: dip cookie cutters on to paper and then press to paper

You may have noticed that all our paper in the examples was egg shaped - for the last couple weeks we have been working on decorating our house for Easter. 

These techniques, however, can be adapted for any theme or for no theme at all - just fun. If you are interested in even more paint ideas, here are some from our archives. 


  1. This is just brilliant. Someday....

  2. Great Ideas! I've been wanting to do the marble painting & you've just given me the boost to do it this week! Thanks so much! I found you via delicate construction and as a fellow Illinois'an I am now following!!! I'd love for you to come check out The Vintage Milk House! Thanks again for the inspiration! - Kali

  3. What fun! I love that you made a garland with the finished products! :)

  4. I love these ideas!
    Your newest follower from Mingle With Us Blog Hop. :)

  5. How cute! And such a variety of ways to paint! Art usually get "put aside" here. I should make more of an effort to work it into our days! Thanks for sharing!


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