Saint Patrick's Day Traditions

Saint Patricks Day, or Green day as my like kids like to call it, is one of our favorite holidays. We have small traditions for each holiday but these are the ones the kids talk about the most throughout the year.

We decorate I home in sorts of green decor and the night before Jeremy and I blow up lots of green balloons. Everybody wears their best green attire. We also always have Lucky Charms and green milk for breakfast...this is an extra special treat because most of the time breakfast is hardboiled eggs, yogurt, and oatmeal or Cheerios. Then in the afternoon the children follow a rhyming scavenger hunt to find their hidden rainbow and it's gold. 

I love how these silly traditions bring us together as a family...the anticipation, excitement. and the laughs we all share.

If you are interested here are a two posts on previous Saint Patrick's Day celebrations: 2012 & 2014

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