What I've Been Wearing


This dress is another thredUP find. I was a little disappointed when I got it because it was just a tad too tight but thanks for Whole 30 it now fits!


This skirt is one of my favorites. I love it's volume and the way it twirls. I also love that the pattern is great for hiding spills and stains. It's a couple years old but is another purchase from thredUP


We had some unseasonable warm days this week - I couldn't resist going sleeveless. This dress is from eShakti. Even though I don't need anymore dresses I'm saving my pennies up for a new one from eShakti.  I'm mean really, can you ever have too many dresses?  They have some fun new prints, I like this one and this one. I also enjoy that I can customize their dresses to my taste...hello pockets!


We brought along BabyZ but Jeremy and I had a bit of a date night on Thursday. One of our friends, Anna, had a closing reception for her gallery. We ate a picnic dinner at Jeremy's work and then headed in to Chicago. BabyZ cried for most of the drive but once we arrived he was all smiles...the kid puts on such a good show, nobody will believe when I try them what a terror he can be. ;) 


About a month ago VS had a combo sale on athletic leggings and sport bras. Usually, I'm not fan of their clothing - too many words and logos. I really liked the color of these leggings though and I had my birthday coupon so I took plunge. 

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