Around Our Schoolroom: Valentine's Day

This unit came together pretty easily. I picked up a few fun heart things (toothpicks and jewels) at Dollar Tree, that I then added to some activities we've done before. If you are still trying to get children to master a skill sometimes simply changing a few of the materials makes the activity exciting again. 

Language -

matching lower case letter hearts to the correct upper case letter carton
the hearts are plaster-of-paris poured in to a silicone heart tray. the egg carton was 
originally made for matchingletter buttons and has also been used for letter easter egg matching

filling in letters with heart jewels
*the cards are from, early learning activities. i printed two per page so they'd be a bit smaller.

My youngest two enjoy using these cards to practice spelling their names.

sorting hearts

pushing heart toothpicks in to the matching color
i used sharpies to color the styrofoam, toothpicks are from dollar tree

Even though this is pretty simple activity it had been a huge hit with all the kids - they seem to enjoy pouching the toothpicks through the styrofoam. 

Math - 

heart sudoko
the hearts are from dollar tree

heart puzzles
puzzles are cut from scrapbook paper with magnets on the back

heart puzzles -  matching numbers to the correct numerals.
numbers range from 1-20 and then tens from 10-100

i have made the pdf available here

counting with hearts & matching the correct numerals
paper is scrapbook paper punched with a heart puncher. the hearts are from dollar tree

Creativity/Sensory - 

additions to our art cart: red/pink paint chips, heart puncher, glitter hearts, heart crayons,
heart and letter stamps, pink and purple ink pads, washi tape. 

*these materials are available for the kids to use at anytime/anyway they wish. you can view our art cart and schoolroom here
strawberry jello play-dough with heart and letter cookie cutters 

melissa and doug heart bead kit.
 in addition to the children designing there own necklaces, we've also used these
 to work on patterns. 

If you are looking for more Valentine/heart ideas be sure to check out our Fairy Tale Unit. You can also find more units and crafts on our homeschool page.

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  1. Great selection of Valentine's Day activities. We had some similar ones this year and last year.The heart sudoku is really neat! :)


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